Build docker

Export linux-stable path

export LINUX_SRC = PATH_TO_LINUX/linux-stable

Build docker for LTS for x86_86 architecture. You need root for this.

$ docker-compose build --no-cache lts_x86_64

In docker-compose.yml you can see the available architectures.

lts_x86_64 2235
lts_x86 2234
lts_arm64 2233
lts_arm 2232
lts_powerpc64 2231
lts_powerpc 2230

Note: Have a look to docker-compose.yml to get the name for the other targets.

Start container

docker-compose up  lts_x86_64

Connect via ssh

ssh user@ -p 2235

check if linux source mounted correctly

ls /home/user/linux-stable/

Add kernel configs

The directory ~/src/kconfigs/ contains available kernel configurations. If you decide to use you own copy the config needs to copied in the corresponding directory.

cp config to kconfig LTS directory
cp linux-stable/allno_x86_64_defconfig src/kconfigs/

Note: configs need to be located in /home/user/src/kconfigs and end with "_defconfig"

Compile Kernel

$ python3 -t v4.3 -k allno_x86_64_defconfig  -a x86_64

-v ... tag version -k ... kernel configuration -a ... can be x86, x86_64, arm, arm64, powerpc

Start Shalyzer

python3 -t v4.3 -k allno_x86_64_defconfig


Sha list



Use intermidiate data for e.g. Coccinelle

example scrips

$ ls src/examples